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Pastamania & Gelatofix: enjoy scenic Riverside with good food and gelato

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another edition of V's delights
Seriously guys, Pastamania wants us to “Join the Italian Revolution.” It’s even on their cover photo. Italian isn’t something NEW; Italian food has been a staple to my diet like rice is to any Asian. I shouldn’t use the word diet, because bread, pasta, cheese, meat, and dairy compounded x200 isn’t helping my “diet.” Plus, writing this blog post just makes me hungrier even though I should be on the weight-loss, healthy-eating diet plan.

Secondly, when I think of the Italian Revolution, I think of the Italian Revolution of 1848 or the Italian Unification. I don’t think that’s what Pastamania wanted me to think about but I start to digress when I think longer about it.

Anyway, they probably assumed it’s a FOOD revolution because it’s supposedly new in Cambodia. Sorry, but not sorry, Italian cuisine is popular in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Most are small, cozy, romantic dining experiences but Pastamania is more casual. It’s everything Italian that my American blood thinks of: very cliché caro mio [translation: my dear].

Mmm don't judge me while i eat

got a good look?

But I love being a tourist! This place for Cambodians is like Disneyland Italy. [If you know how sugar-coated Disney is, then I think you get my gist]

Now, connected with Pastamania is Gelatofix. The building is H shaped. I totally love the architecture and interior designing! Favoloso [translation: fabulous]!

Gelatofix’s says:

An Italian Artisanal Gelato Café.

Dream like an Italian.
Dress like an Italian.
Dine like an Italian.

The Italian Break!

I totally love.that.motto.

DO I want to dream like an Italian? Yes, I do - with a hunky Italian man whispering in his Italian accent, oye mi dolce vita!

DO I want to dress like an Italian? Yes, I do - their designer handbags and haute couture or their simple chic and effortless summer outfits.

DO I want to dine like an Italian? Yes, I do - enjoying my food slowly with good company and good wine.

When Gelatofix puts it that way, Italian life sounds so irresistible! Especially with GELATO, your life can’t be any worse.

It’s a Singaporean based franchise that’s located in a few countries (like Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.).

Ambiance: New, crisp and clean cliché Italiano restaurant. Bright lights, balcony seating with view of the Mekong River, or sit inside in aircon (2 floors worth).
inside Gelatofix
Service: I LlooooooVvvVVEeeeEee their cute outfits that mashes well with the atmosphere.

amirite? his outfit is on fleek
Taste: Acceptable because it’s franchised. It’s tested and proved already.

Parking: I always have a problem with parking in Phnom Penh =( I think there’s car parking somewhere, but having a moto or taxi is better.

jelly flats are best for rainy days!
Added bonus: Going to the night market afterwards. I rarely buy anything but I like to mingle with the pushy people going stall to stall and listening to ordinary singers looking for their 5 minutes in the limelight.

Tip: I like to sit on the veranda outside to enjoy the sights and sounds from the riverside.

yes, that's the one i want!
I actually meant to come in for gelato but ended my snack with a main entrée.

What I enjoyed:
  • ·         Strawberry Rosso sorbetto and Milan Mokacchino gelato

yum yum yum
Yes, I had a double scoop on a cone. No, it’s not the only time I’ve ate a double scoop. It’s almost always. Stop grilling me mother.

It was $3.50 for a double scoop. Similarly priced to other places.

To die for Milan Mokacchino gelato! I highly recommend this flavour! It was a rich chocolate that melts in my mouth. Maybe the Italian man would melt the same way in my mouth?!? I’m a hot girl, so it’s possible. GUYS, it’s 40 degrees in Cambodia, anything will melt. ;)

The Strawberry Rosso sorbetto reminded me of my daily morning strawberry smoothie so I wasn’t too impressed. Strawberry + ice = sorbetto. Maybe I should have opted for something else. But I wanted something fruity to go with my chocolate.
  • Spicy sausage penne with broccoli in creamy sauce

try it!
The spiciness came from the Cambodian chili. Very speziato (translation: spicy) – but not too much that you would hate it.

The penne was cooked al dente covered in a creamy tomato sauce (but I think it was arrabbiata or red pepper sauce with cream). Few pieces of broccoli and sausages. Overall I thought it was delicious. I would order it again.

where am i?
The menus are expansive. They’re a bit different from each other so make sure to check out both Pastamania and Gelatofix menus. They have salads, soups, pizzas, pastas, gelatos, waffles, cakes, etc. Reasonably priced, good for sharing to try more items. Since it just opened two weeks ago, there’s still some specials going on.

Pastamania specials
Gelatofix specials

My take: enjoyable time with friends and good food. Definitely stay for dessert.

Address: #661, Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (right across the Riverside Night Market, near Titanic Restaurant, and all the bus companies)
Specs: open for lunch and dinner until late

Let me know your thoughts. Shout it out in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

life is dolce [sweet]
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If you would like me to visit your place, let me know! I’m more than happy to check out and eat your delicious food =)

strawberry cheesecake
pistachio and havelnut

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